About Us
We believe mental health is the greatest challenge facing the modern worker.

Silatus was founded to achieve one simple, audacious goal: give every person on the planet access to mental health support whenever they need it or want it.

Today, monumental barriers prevent people all over the world from effectively accessing mental health care. Silatus aims to systematically break down each of them. These barriers include: stigma in cultural groups, high financial cost of continued support, and clinician supply shortages.

The Problems

And How we solve them
Stigma in Cultural Groups
For too long, mental health has been wholly ignored or disregarded as a societal problem, despite the fact that significant scientific evidence proves otherwise. Many people avoid seeking mental health services out of fear of being outcast or precluded from opportunities, despite the fact that everyone struggles with mental wellness at some point in theirlives.
Financial Burden
Many therapists do not accept insurance and many insurance companies do not cover therapy. If billed out of pocket, a therapist can cost up to $250 per hour, Even when therapy is covered, co-pays and deductibles can become prohibitively expensive..
Clinician Supply Shortage
120 million Americans live in a mental health care professional shortage area, with an estimated unmet need of 73%. While many universities and communities offer mental health services, they can take weeks to schedule the first appointment. Many people who seek services on their own struggle to find quality clinicians who are accepting new clients.
Sourcing & Certification
We hand-select and train diverse, kind, and caring mental wellness coaches to support our clients' needs. With our best-in-class certification requirements, we invest heavily in training new mental health coaches to increase quality support supply and expand access at affordable rates.
We empower people with 100% confidential mental wellness services, without labels or judgment. Employees don't have to worry about anyone, including their company, knowing they have used mental wellness services. We also train leaders to build a culture of de-stigmatizing mental health.
We offer very affordable rates and flexible plans to employers to maximize coverage for employees around the globe. We are committed to providing continuous, quality care to employees for free. Our ultimate goal is to give anyone, regardless of employment or income, access to Silatus. If you think you can help accelerate our progress toward that goal, please reach out!

Our Founders

Who we are
Tamara C. Austin (she/her)
Chief Health Officer
Tamara is a seasoned mental health professional with decades of clinical and administrative experience. Tamara is driven to help people in need with Silatus. She has a strong track record of supporting the mental health and wellness of minority groups, including African Americans and LGBTQIA+.

Among many other distinguished roles, she has served as the Director of Counseling Services for Penn State Dickinson School of Law, Director of the Minority Student Program/Wellness Initiatives at Rutgers University, and Director of the Women's Center at UC Irvine. In 2018, she won the "Shirley Chisholm" award, named after the first African American Congresswoman in the United States. She has a Post-Masters certification in Advanced Clinical Practice and Forensic Mental Health from NYU, and a Masters of Social Work from UPenn.
Nicole Revenaugh (she/her)
General Counsel
Nicole has over a decade of experience as a civil litigation attorney. She is an equity partner at Irigonegaray, Turney, & Revenaugh, L.L.P., the first majority LGBT-owned law firm in the state of Kansas. Her law firm has had the distinct privilege of litigating against hate groups such as the Westboro Baptist Church, and representing dozens of victims of sexual assault by members of religious institutions.

Nicole has leadership training from the Kansas Leadership Center, and is a graduate of Leadership Greater Topeka. She co-founded the William Jewell College's first LGBTQIA+ student support group and Diversity House. She improved the university's non-discrimination policy for the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ and disabled persons. In 2019, she received the Greater Topeka Partnership's Rising Star Award as a Woman of Influence in the community.  Nicole has a juris doctor from Washburn University School of Law, where she graduated with honors.
Christopher M. Pratt (he/him)
Chief Executive Officer
Chris is our technical co-founder. He decided to start Silatus after witnessing firsthand massive failures in the mental health care system. In one case, a hospital refused to treat a mentally ill family member in a critical crisis. In another case, his close friend was refused therapy for two months while suffering from depression and anxiety.

Chris is a skilled software engineer and product manager with a decade of engineering experience. He has experience as a product manager at Microsoft and Comcast NBCUniversal, building world class products used by millions of people around the world. He's conducted human-computer interaction research to help visually-impaired persons.
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